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The main publication of the PROSEA programme is a series of illustrated multi-volume Handbooks in printed forms. There are 2 editions of PROSEA Handbooks, i.e. hardbound edition and paperback edition. The hardbound edition are published by PUDOC (volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5(2), 6) and Backhuys other volumes and distributed by Backhuys Publishers in the Netherlands. The paperback edition consists of 2 kinds, i.e. Medium Price Edition and Lower Price Edition. The Medium Price Edition (MPE) are published by the PROSEA Network Office in Indonesia and distributed by Backhuys Publishers and Network Office for developed countries, and the Lower Price Edition is distributed by the Network Office and its country offices for developing countries.

Published Handbook Volume (up to 2005)

Published Handbook volumes (up to 2021)
PROSEA 1 : Pulses
L.J.G. Van der Maesen & S. Somaatmadja (Editors)
Prosea 1. This volume deals with pulse...
PROSEA 2 : Edible fruits and nuts
E.W.M. Verheij & R.E. Coronel (Editors)
Prosea 2. Edible Fruit. This volume testifies...
PROSEA 3 : Dye and tannin-producing plants
R.H.M.J. Lemmens & N. Wulijarni-Soetjipto (Editors)
PROSEA 3. This Volume covers the...
PROSEA 4 : Forages
L.'t Mannetje & R.M. Jones (Editors)
PROSEA 4. This volume deals with forages...
PROSEA 5(1) : Timber trees : Major commercial timbers
Soerjanegara & R.H.M.J. Lemmens ,(Editors)
PROSEA 5(1). This volume deals with the...
PROSEA 5(2) : Timber trees : Minor commercial timbers
R.H.M.J. Lemmens, I. Soerjanegara & W.C. Wong (Editors)
PROSEA 5(2). This volume...
PROSEA 5(3) : Timber trees : Lesser-known timbers
M.S.M. Sosef, L.T.Hong & S. Prawirohatmodjo (Editors)
PROSEA 5(3). This volume on...
PROSEA 6 : Rattans
J. Dransfield & N. Manokaran (Editors)
PROSEA 6. This volume discussed rattan as...
PROSEA 7 : Bamboos
S. Dransfield & E.A. Widjaja (Editors)
PROSEA 7. This volume deals with bamboos which...
PROSEA 8 : Vegetables
J.S. Siemonsma & Kasem Piluek (Editors)
PROSEA 8. This volume deals with the...
PROSEA 9 : Plants yielding non-seed carbohydrates
M. Flach & F. Rumawas (Editors)
PROSEA 9. The volume deals with South-East Asian...
PROSEA 10 : Cereals
G.J.H. Grubben & Soetjiptopartohardjono (Editors)
PROSEA 10. The volume deals with...
PROSEA 11 : Auxiliary plants
I. Faridah Hanum & L.J.G. Van der Maesen (Editors)
PROSEA 11. Auxiliary plants in...
PROSEA 12(1) : Medicinal and poisonous plants 1
L.S. de Padua, N. Bunyapraphatsara & R.H.M.J. Lemmens (Editors)
PROSEA 12(1). This is...
PROSEA 12(2) : Medicinal and poisonous plants 2
J.L.C.H. Van Valkenburg and N. Bunyapraphatsara (Editors)
PROSEA 12(2). The...
PROSEA 12(3) : Medicinal and poisonous plants 3
R.H.M.J. Lemmens and N. Bunyapraphatsara (Editors)
PROSEA 12(3). The alphabetical...
PROSEA 13 : Spices
C.C. deGuzman & J.S. Siemonsma (Editors)
PROSEA 13. The volume deals with spice in...
PROSEA 14 : Vegetables oils and fats
H.A.M. van der Vossen & B.E. Umali (Editors)
PROSEA 14. The volume deals with plants...
PROSEA 15(1) : Cryptogams : Algae
W.F. Prud'homme van Reine and G.C. Trono Jr (Editors)
PROSEA 15(1). This volume deals...
PROSEA 15(2) : Ferns and fern allies
W.P. de Winter and V.B. Amoroso (Editors)
PROSEA 15(2). This alphabetical treatment...
PROSEA 16 : Stimulants
H.A.M. Van der Vossen & M. Wesseli (Editors)
PROSEA 16. This volume deals with the...
PROSEA 17 : Fibre plants
M. Brinks & R.P. Escobin (Editors)
PROSEA 17. This volume treatment the fibre plants...
PROSEA 18 : Plants producing exudates
E. Boer and A.B, Ella (Editors)
PROSEA 18. Exudates are generally obtained by...
PROSEA 19 : Essential-oil plants
L.P.A.Oyen & Nguyen Xuan Dung (Editors)
Prosea 19. This volume deals with the plants...
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