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e-PROSEA is an electronic of PROSEA which is web version of PROSEA databank on the plant resources of South-East Asia. The databank consists of:


All texts (species-based information) described in the PROSEA Handbook

TEXTFILE is a database containing articles on taxa treated in the PROSEA Handbook, dealing with the plant resources of South-East Asia. The PROSEA Handbook covers about 6,697 taxa published into its commodity group, which the text on particular species or genera was prepared by a large international team of experts. All taxa are treated in a similar manner with details on uses, botany, ecology, agronomy or silviculture, genetic resources, breeding, prospects and literature.

This on-line/web-based version intends: to provide fast and easy access to the information required dealing with the plant resources, also for occasional users with specific interest in one or a few plant species; to provide full text search on specific interest of the plant species; to provide user-friendly hyperlink of the Handbook, e.g. glossary terms, direct link to the literature list; and to speed up distribution/dissemination of the PROSEA information. All Taxa described in the PROSEA Handbook have been uploaded to this on-line database consisting of 6,697 records.


References to literature on plant resources of South-East Asia

PREPHASE is a literature database dealing with useful plant resources of South-East Asia, scanned by the PROSEA Network. The literature are scanned manually from various sources published in South-East Asia, i.e. journals, series, books, handbooks, chapters or sections of books, conference papers, proceedings of scientific meetings, dissertations, leaflets, reports, etc. Unpublished literature ('grey') references issued in the region are also scanned, e.g. student theses, dissertations.

The PREPHASE was formerly intended to support editors and authors who contribute to the PROSEA Handbook, then be published into Bibliographies in printed and electronic format (CD-ROM) following the publication of the Handbook, and now is available on-line to guide users to information of more localized importance in South-East Asia. Sixteen years after its establishment in 1988, the records have surpassed about 70,000 numbers and is still being developed.

All records are completed in a similar manner with details on English title, Original title (for vernacular report), Author, Corporate sources, Source of data, Availability and Abstract. This on-line version/web-based version is intended :

  1. To provide fast access to research result dealing with the plant resources
  2. To provide abstract before retrieving the complete article
  3. To guide users of the PROSEA Handbook to information of more localized importance in South-East Asia
  4. To provide fast communication facility to the holder of the complete article
  5. To promote research result to international audience

About 35,627 records have been uploaded to this on-line database following the species dealt with in the TEXTFILE On-line. Each record is completed by the full address (a hyperlink to the e-mail, if available) of the literature holder for easy communication in getting the original articles. The development of this database is still in progress and is gradually updated.


Images of Plant Resources of South East Asia

PHOTFILE is a database containing the electronic collection of useful plant illustration procured from various sources, e.g. PROSEA Country Offices, Wageningen University collection, personal collections, etc. The database contains all PROSEA line-drawings and a large photographs of plant species dealt with in the PROSEA Handbook. It is intended to supplement the information in the PROSEA Handbook with the illustration materials.

Each image in the collection is covered by a limited use contract from the photographers /illustrators for legal use of PROSEA derived publication in printed and electronic format for education and extension, published under PROSEA responsibility. The copyright holder of each image is still the photographers/illustrators meaning PROSEA is only allowed to use them in the PROSEA products with the acknowledgment given to the photographers/illustrators. Meanwhile users (third parties) has to get permission from the copyright holder for any purposes. For further information, please follow the links 'terms of use'.

About 20,091 records have been uploaded to this on-line database following the species dealt with the TEXTFILE On-line. Each record is completed by the photographers/illustrators name and the information about the image.

Very large numbers of photographs are still needed especially for minor and lesser-known species to develop this database and we therefore request your cooperation. If you have good photographic material of the species treated in the PROSEA Handbook, and if you are willing to publish them with, of course, a clear mention of your name, we would gratefully accept a copy of them. For further information, please print out the following link: agreement on photographs.

You may send your photographs in any suitable form: slide, photographic print, scanned image-file for PC. Photographs can be sent to the PROSEA Network Office in Bogor, Indonesia or to one of the PROSEA Country Offices by mail or e-mail. Pictures that have passed preliminary selection will be added to the species list with the author's name printed in the picture.

Finally, we hope you enjoy exploring the exciting plant diversity of South-East Asia.


Scientific plant names and its commodity grouping

TAXAFILE is a database containing the overall index of the plant resources dealt within the PROSEA Handbook. It contains the scientific plant names (including synonyms), family and the respective commodity group(s).

How to search for scientific plant names or family:

  1. Index of taxa/family treated in the PROSEA Handbook
    The scientific plant names of genera and species or family are listed in alphabetically based on the name used in the PROSEA Handbook. In fact, it executes a search for all names starting with a particular letter.
  2. Search for scientific plant name or family
    Searching a scientific plant name is also possible by typing in a name in the search box or by selecting a name from the Word Wheel. Click submit query to execute the search.
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