Eclipta alba (L.) Hassk.

Synonyms Eclipta prostrata (L.) L.

Vernacular names False daisy (En). Indonesia: orang-aring (Javanese), urang-aring (Sundanese). Malaysia: biu, keremak jantan, nigus. Papua New Guinea: whiteheads (Pidgin). Philippines: higis-manok (Tagalog), karim-buaya (Ilokano), pia (Ifugao). Laos: hoomz kwx. Thailand: kameng (central), yaa sap, hom kieo (northern). Vietnam: ng.

Origin and geographic distribution Pantropical.

Uses The juice is used for dyeing hair black, and in tattooing. An extract of the leaves is given for constipation but also against diarrhoea, and as a tonic. The plant has purgative and emetic properties, and possesses antibiotic activity. The leaves are used as vegetable.

Observation An annual or rather short-lived perennial herb, 10-80 cm tall with prostrate or erect branches and usually numerous, small, white heads. A very common weed of rice fields, sugarcane fields and coconut plantations; also found in humid localities along water courses and road-sides, from lowland up to 1500 m altitude.

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Author: J. Jukema, N. Wulijarni-Soetjipto, R.H.M.J. Lemmens & J.W. Hildebrand

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Jukema, J., Wulijarni-Soetjipto, N., Lemmens, R.H.M.J. & Hildebrand, J.W., 1991. Eclipta alba (L.) Hassk.In: Lemmens, R.H.M.J. and Wulijarni-Soetjipto, N. (Editors). Plant Resources of South-East Asia No. 3: Dye and tannin producing plants. Pudoc, Wageningen, The Netherlands, pp. 133-134

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